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Emahn Counts and his litigation team personally resolved over 1,000 litigation matters, collectively totaling tens of millions of dollars for clients. Statements about prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome. Results depend upon a variety of factors unique to each representation.
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Business Law Case Examples

Automotive Business Purchase Trial Defense & Cross-Claim - Dismissed $300K Claim & Recovered $50K Cross-Claim
Consumer Banking Dispute - $100K Settlement
Printing Company Contract Dispute – $50K Settlement
Restaurant Equipment Dispute – $15K Judgment
Tech Company Partnership Sale – $450K Settlement
Wholesale Food Collections - Settlement Agreement $20K Recovered

Collection & Debt Negotiation Case Examples

Architect Business Debt Negotiation – $1MM Debt
Settled for $500K
Architectural Firm Contract Dispute - $35K Debt
Settled for $17K
Automobile Insurance Dispute - $50K Insurance Payout Recovered
Automobile Loan Fraud - $60K Court Judgment
Business Collections Litigation - $80K Recovered
Business Investment - $45K Recovered
Check Cashing Business Invoices - $15K Recovered
Consumer Debt Negotiation – $700K Debt
Settled for $70K
Country Club Invoices - $25K Recovered
Credit Card Debt Buyer Negotiation - Dismissal
Credit Card Debt Litigation Negotiation - $20K Debt
Settled for $6K
Debt Negotiation - $10K Debt
Settled for $3K
Defense of Collections Lawsuit – $100K
Debt Dismissed for $0
Dentist Debt Negotiation – $400K Debt
Settled for $100K
Event Planning Business Invoices - $10K
Small Claims Judgment Affirmed
Family Loan - $30K Settlement
Jewelry Business Debt Negotiation – Dismissal for $0
Jewelry Fraud - $96K Trial Judgment
Landscaping Business Invoices - $100K Recovered
Law Firm Invoices – $25K Recovered
Dismissal of Cross-Complaint
Marijuana Asset Seizure - $25K Recovered
Medical Debt Negotiation – $100K Debt
Dismissed for $0 & Insurance Coverage Obtained
Physician Business Debt Negotiation – $100K Debt
Settled for $30K
Plumbing Business Invoices - $65K Recovered
Promissory Note (Loan) - $400K Settlement
Real Estate Debt Negotiation – $150K 2nd Mortgage
Settled for $10K
Real Estate Debt Negotiation – $1MM Loan Modification
Real Estate Loan 2nd Debt Litigation - $300K Debt
Settled for $50K
Refrigerator Business Invoices - $100K Recovered
Restaurant Equipment Collections - $240K Judgment
Restaurant Equipment Collections Multiple Cases - Settlement Agreements
$250K Recovered
Student Loan Debt Negotiation - $200K
Settled for $100K

Real Estate Law Case Examples

Broker Sale Commission Dispute - $35K Settlement
Construction Fraud - $35K Settlement
Contractor Construction Defect – $80K Settlement
Co-Ownership/Tenancy Dispute - $50K Settlement
Eviction Defense - Case Dismissed
HOA Dues – $10K Recovered
Judgment Lien - $100K Surplus Funds Recovered
Partnership Co-Ownership Dispute – $75K Settlement
Quiet Title Defense – Dismissal
Real Estate Agent Commission Collections - $53K Arbitration Award Recovered
Real Estate Broker Loan Fraud - $200K Trial Judgment Recovered
Real Estate Collections - $300K Recovered by Foreclosure Sale, Garnishment, and Levy
Real Estate Construction Collections Litigation - $60K Recovered
Real Estate Construction Dispute - $175K Trial Judgment and Lien Recorded
Real Estate Negligent Construction - Trial Judgment $40K Recovered
Real Estate Sale Fraud - $40K Judgment
Residential Lien – $500K Fraudulent Lien Removed
Tenant Restraining Order Defense - R/O Dismissed

Family Law Case Examples

Celebrity Custody Dispute – Joint Custody Awarded
Child Support - $2.5K per month Awarded
Custody Modification – Sole Custody Awarded
Divorce Settlement with Alimony $1,800/Month Plus House
Father’s Rights - Joint Custody & Support $2,700/Month
Father’s Rights - Sole Child Custody to Father and Monitored Visitation to Mother
Neighbor Restraining Order Defense - R/O Dismissed
Prenuptial Agreement - $1.5MM in assets protected
Restraining Order Defense - Dismissal of Lawsuit
Restraining Order Request – Restraining Order Awarded
Spousal Support - $2K per month Awarded
Spousal Support Defense – Denial of Request

Auto Law Case Examples

Accident Liability Defense – Dismissal of Lawsuit
Automobile Dealership Repossession - Settlement Agreement - Vehicle Recovered
Automobile (Porsche) Contract Litigation Defense - Court Case Dismissed
Automobile Repair Breach of Contract/Theft - $85K Court Judgment
Commercial Vehicle Negligent Repair – $35K Settlement
Consumer/Dealer Fraud Dispute - $25K Settlement
Consumer Vehicle Negligent Repair - $30K Settlement
Franchise Dispute - $50K Settlement
Insurance Coverage Dispute – $20K Settlement
Lemon Law Automobile (GM) Buy-back Refund and Attorney Fees Recovered
Lemon Law Automobile (Fiat) Buy-Back Refund and Attorney Fees Recovered
Lemon Law Warranty – Refund
Plus attorneys fees
Vehicle Sublease Dispute – $35K Recovery

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